Space Healers


Philena and Lincoln have been healing sick properties for a combination of 40 years between them. They remove ghosts, negative energy, negative entities and Geopathic Stress from homes and businesses. This can be done remotely as well as in person. They also bless homes, businesses and construction sites; which can help in the selling process as well as making them happier to live and work in.

Possible Benefits of having your property cleansed


  • You feel happy and safe in your home
  • You are not afraid to be alone in your home
  • Your electrical appliances function normally
  • Your sleep improves
  • Your relationships improve
  • Your children stop having nightmares
  • Your children get on better at school
  • Your pets are happy and relaxed
  • Your friends feel at ease in your home
  • You find a buyer for your home


  • You and your employees become more content and relaxed
  • Your productivity and profits increase
  • Your rate of staff turn-over falls
  • Your clients become more engaged when visiting you.
  • Work place stress is reduced
  • There is less need for your handyman
  • You sell your business with ease.



  • The firms you have employed to construct your site are able to go ahead without problems and thus finish when expected.
  • Problems you were experiencing get resolved
  • When finished you rent or sell your property with ease.