Space Healers Team

Video of Philena on Space Healing

Philena Bruce

Philena has been a natural psychic from birth and has worked with this ability for most of her life. She has been working professionally as a Clairvoyant, Spirit Release Practitioner and Healer for 20 years. Philena created a method of healing using sound in 1987, which she has developed over the years. She started releasing spirits from properties in 1992.

Areas of expertise: Spirit Release, Removal of Ghosts, Space Clearing, Healing, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Ceremonies, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Palmistry, Psychometry and Photograph Readings. Philena is author of the book Know That You Are Loved, Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone.
Tel: 020 7602 4724

Video of Lincoln on Space Healing

Lincoln Ascott

Lincoln trained with The College of Psychic Studies in London as a Chakra Healer and subsequently worked in their clinic and in private practice. Currently he is a full mesa carrier, trained with The Four Winds Society as a Shamanic Healer. Lincoln discovered his healing abilities in 1999 when he healed himself of a severe 3rd degree burn in a matter of minutes. He has had similar success with others.

Areas of expertise: Chakra Healing, Sound Healing, Shamanism, Earth Healing, Spirit Release, Energetic Space Clearing, Channelling and Ceremonies.
Tel: 07866 552507

Video of Amravati on Space Healing

Amravati Mitchell

Amravati is Space Healers’ specialist in the causes of Sick Building Syndrome, Geopathic Stress Removal and in advising changes related to Feng Shui of the property. She works with homes, gardens and businesses. Amravati studied for over 5 years with the Shen Dao Institute and subsequently taught Feng Shui consultancy. She has been clearing buildings of negative energies for 14 years. Amravati created her own range of herbal incenses and crystal and plant essences. She qualified in Aromatherapy in 1991. Amravati is a Reiki and SKHM Master.

Areas of expertise: Feng Shui, Geopathic Stress, Space Clearing, Spirit Release, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, SKHM, Rituals and Ceremonies, Sound Healing, Rebirthing and tailor-made incenses and crystal/plant essences.
Tel: 020 7603 5157

John Friend

John discovered his healing abilities in 1993 when he healed a sufferer of persistent migraine in the course of a single session. Since that time, he has worked on a one to one basis for Healing and for Absent Healing and is a member of the global Distant Healing Network (DHN). John works with the Team for Sound Healing.

Areas of expertise: Healing, Absent Healing and Sound Healing.

Tel: 07949 692256