Earth Healing

The following is an essay on the energy of the Earth and how it feeds an area. It describes imbalances that occur and how we can restore harmony and balance and bring vitality to an area. This area can be a field, a home, a business, a village, a city or an entire country. The same principles apply.

The Earth Matrix and How Energy Moves on the Planet

The electromagnetic energy of the earth is the substance which vitalizes an area and enables life to exist. A power ley line (vital energetic line) radiates energies into an area, thereby imbuing it with vital energy. Energy moves vertically and horizontally in spirals. Where there are three dimensional intersections of lines moving upwards and across the landscape, there can be found a consciousness or helpful spirit. Towns tend to form around energy vortices and individual areas may develop their own smaller sub-centres. Everything is interrelated and change can be caused by altering any of the factors.

Imagine a vital-energetic line as a vibrating relationship between two points separated in space. When this energy relationship is translated into the length and breadth of a physical landscape, then it can be noticed by a sensitive person as an energy line linking one place with another. Power ley lines are vitally important for the quality of life of a landscape. By means of their cosmic core, through their polarized chains of spirals and through their emanations, they maintain a certain intensity of vital energy within the landscape. There are also ‘balance’ ley lines that contribute to the balancing of forces in a landscape as a result of their polarized yin-yang structure. (Female-male structure)

The point of emergence of these lines usually lies in a vertical energy vortex. ‘Star shaped centre’ is the name given by Pogacnik to the vital-energetic center of an area. It is the main source of vital energy for the surrounding landscape.

‘The power usually streams out from the depths of the earth, flowing towards its surface in the form of a rising spiral. There it meets a beam of cosmic energy which, like a luminous axis, vertically connects the source in the earth with cosmic space. Where these two energies connect on the surface of the earth a kind of fusion takes place between them. This fusion emanates a strong vital energy which spreads spherically into the surrounding space, nurturing its vital tissue. That same spot is the exit point for broad lines of energy that radiate out into the countryside, connecting their source-point with other places of a related quality. I call energy lines of this kind interconnecting ley lines, their central points of emergence I call star-shaped centres.’ Pogacnik

When the star-shaped centre of a town is blocked, the individual districts of the town left to their own devices tend to group around their own local centers. This results in a splitting up of the whole as far as the energy of the place is concerned, which leads to a further weakening of the town as an organism. The substitute centres may resonate with the star-shaped power centres that they are replacing and can be linked back to the original centre by earth healing such as constructing an energetic bridge.

In the work we have been doing, we have discovered that, at any of these junctions with vertical vortices, where the heaven and earth energies meet, there is a consciousness that Philena describes as more like an angel than anything else. From a combination of her channeled information and that of Pogacnik I have come to the conclusion that when the centres lose energy their angel can become ineffective or dormant or may choose to leave. If invited back, the angel can help to reconnect and revitalize the centre and it also needs to be fed by the energies – thus we have yet another case of the total interdependence and interface between consciousness – whether human, animal or spirit (angels, plant and rock devas, fairies, etc) – and the environment.

Difficulties Arising With the Earth Energy

Difficulties arise when the landscape area is obstructed, blocked, or destroyed, because it cannot absorb the energy. The ‘dark’ forces of the surroundings weigh heavily on the pure energies of the ley line which are thus confined in their own space. The vibrational quality of a space can actually be gauged by the extent of the ley lineís energy field. (This is rather like sensing the aura of a human being.) If there is no energy field at all, then you could conclude that there is a disastrous blockage in that location or that it is almost dead on the energetic and spiritual level. If someone heals and cleanses the area, the lines begin to emanate their energy again.

The ‘dark’ forces described above can be thought forms. In cities negative attitudes can cause environmental pollution. Black magic can destroy or distort energies in the lines and powerful energies can be diverted to serve the magician instead of the community. The positive aspect of this awareness is that the purity of individuals and groups and the intention to heal with the attitude of love can be instrumental in the healing of an area. In ancient times the rituals performed at sacred sites and key dates helped to keep the lines pure. Today we find we can place crystals on the lines and use dances and songs to help the energy in the lines.

Energy also deteriorates when the elementals and guardian spirits leave an area because of negative human behaviour. Inviting them back is an important part of energy healing.

When man intervenes in the environment by creating reservoirs (yin), diverting rivers etc the yin/yang balance becomes distorted leading to an imbalance of residentsí behaviour. Everything is so interlinked that we cannot separate manís thoughts from the environment. They effect each other in an eternal spiral dance.

A power line is not broken every time it encounters a road. The leyline traverses the landscape on a different vibrational level from a road for cars, so that the two tracks do not disturb one another. If a disturbance does occur it indicates that there has been an exceptionally profound interference – deep ditches, broad embankments, vast alterations in the form of the landscape or massive constructions of steel and concrete. Then the resonant relationship between the ley line and its corresponding strip of land gets lost. On its subtle level the energy line may well exist as a whole, but the all too radical change in its material foundation eradicates any chance of the ley line expressing itself at that place in the landscape. It appears to be interrupted and its vitalizing effect is absent. Ley lines can also be erased by high-voltage power lines (electric). The apparent erasure described above can weaken a line as a whole and jeopardize its vitalizing function in the landscape.

Of course the earth and its power lines can be polluted physically by chemicals, nuclear contamination or when the ley line has run through graveyards, plague pits, factory and disposal sites, mines, etc.

Earth Healing

When Earth Healing is being done the goals are to:

Earth Healing is usually done by the team and consists of having a ceremony and connecting to spirit guides. We may use pendulums, chants, songs, Tibetan bowls and dance. Crystals, flowers, incenses, geometric forms, sculptures, and many other tools may be included.

This earth healing should result in a balanced harmonious place which fosters creativity, health and prosperity.

Amravati Mitchell